My vegan experience

So coming to my third week vegan, with only a week left of this challenge, thought I should note on hows it going so far…


I have been thinking of eating clean for a while now. I have been feeling more and more aware of the need to be responsible for the kind of food I eat. I’m a fourth year student so you know there have been many questionable diet choices preceding this (student life is hard :’)) MY experience has not being too difficult-  biggest temptation was hanging out in Nando’s with my friends, Lord knows it was hard. Since I’m lactose intolerant I was already on almond milk and ting so the jump to vegan wasn’t too big. BUT I was forced to look at ingredients differently – be more creative – because it was set in my head that being vegan was boring so if I was to do it for 3 weeks I must make it fun. So I did.


by the end of the first week most of my friends knew about my vegan dabble and honestly listening to other people’s opinions was pretty hilarious. I mostly got eye rolls and ridicule but to be honest I would have reacted that way if positions were switched but probably more positive.

“At least go vegetarian” – my veggie friend

Everyone was acting like I had no chill. And being pretty laid back I was not too comfortable with the new label of ‘greenpeace basher eco warrior’ I had suddenly been labelled with. Like seriously guys… its still me… hahahaha!  …sigh


I feel amazing! snacking on fresh berries and nuts, saving money on buying meat meant I tried different recipes with exotic ingredients! (although I usually ended up eating sweet potato). my skin and nails looks great! – I should add I only drank water or tea and avoided eating chocolate – SO HARD. The real stars had to be SWEET POTATO and SPINACH! (yooo! chickpea and spinach falafel is the one!!)

so would I recommend for anyone to change their diet? DEFINITELY* – I feel like being in control of what you eat and  not letting what you eat control you is very important. *(if no medical/personal conflict) Luckily for me my traditional nigerian food is pretty vegan friendly plus I’ve learnt new things/ways of cooking that I will be taking with me past these three weeks.

4 thoughts on “My vegan experience

  1. Goooooo blessing! Well done you….might try this after exams! Girl share your meal plan…also what in God’s name is a falafel? XD


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