Sketching again

So I’ve began drawing and sketching again. Currently on placement and the monotony is definitely getting to me but in a positive way. It is very challenging but in all that I feel as though only one part of me is being constantly stimulated (the analytical problem solver) the other facets of who I am we’re beginning to suffer, so I thought you know what I m going to blow the dust off my artistic nature and voila!

So grateful that I can create something you know! thank God!🙏It feels so good to finish it. I remember when I was younger and I was a lot more passionate about art it became quite aggravating I was more of a perfectionist back then before life happened!! But honestly it’s fun, applying individual strokes which together make something remotely recognisable.


I hope I continue this in the future and get better with it. If you had a hobby you haven’t done in a while pick it up again. P.S. Bunny rabbit is there cos there are a lot where I am currently

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