Back to my neglected “blog” if you can still call it that. Anyway it’s a new year we’re in the second month (the best month) so I thought I should start on the things I set out to do in 2015. BE CREATIVE!
I love creativity in every way shape or form that it is expressed. Luckily I have been blessed with some creative skills – we are ALL blessed with creativity by the way. So yeah no excuses. There were a few ways I wanted to express myself creatively, here we go:
1. Art, freehand drawing
2. Learn to play the guitar gathering dust in the corner of my room
3. Keep knitting and crocheting and make more stuff
4. Wrote more poems and short stories – also journal and blog more
Starting with number cos it’s the only one I’ve really done. I found a great app Adobe sketch I think. I’m getting used to it but love it so far! Here’s a drawing of Sam I did:

I know it looks a little half finished but thats what I was going for ...yeah.
Why be creative? Any one who’s ever made something or created something out of wood, paper, words knows how amazing and fulfilling it feels 🙂

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