Insel Mainau

The island that love built. The island of Insel Manau is just as beautiful as the story behind how this very small island on the Bodensee (lake Constance) became a glorious garden that at times makes you feel like you’ve stepped into Atlantis. Ok brace yourself for possible the most beautiful post on this blog yet. The boat journey from Konstanz to Insel Mainau was lovely although it was quite cloudy when we set off – that did not spoil the view at all. The captain was awesome letting me steer and take a ridiculously narcissistic amount of selfies.

We first arrived at Meersburg before getting another boat to Insel Mainau (no captain Luis this time unfortunately). Meersburg is a charming old town with vineyards braided across its steep hills. Insel Mainau is an island on Lake Constance and it is essentially a garden island owned by the Swedish royal family.

There is a little love story to the lovely garden island on Insel Mainau.Long story short, the crowned prince of Sweden – Bernadotte in 1932 married a commoner Karin Nisswandt so lost his entitlement to the Swedish throne. Later the same year Bernadotte and his wife moved to the Mainau (which was owned at that time by the swedish royal family) and began to reshape it. The island would be a great for a wedding.

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