My amazing two month stay in Bahir Dar

I spent almost two months in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia towards the end of 2015 as part of my medical elective. It is a beautiful city – the capital of Amhara (one of the regions/states in Ethiopia). The source of the blue Nile; beautiful Lake Tana is the big tourist draw. The lake is inhabited by island monasteries, papyrus boats and hippos.

Another tourist attraction is the Tis Abay (something smoke) – the blue Nile falls. I was there during the dry season and despite it still being impressive it is a drier browner shadow of its full glory. Coffee is big here… and you will have the best coffee in your life in this country. I promise you. My two favourite spots in the city was; Wude Coffee (coffee is Boona in Amharic so aka Wude Boona) and Karibu Café which was right next to where I lived. The morning macchiato and bombolino (doughnut) was nothing short of bliss.

The hub of the city is Saint George’s church which is Ethiopian orthodox. It has a lovely courtyard where for some reason the hustle and noise of outside fades away, allowing for a moment of shade, serenity and reflection before heading out again to the busy heart of the city.

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