Nollywood Noir: I finished My Sister The Serial Killer in a day

Book: My Sister, The Serial Killer, Author: Oyinkan Braithwaithe I’m not great with reading, it’s either I’m drawn in pretty quickly, revel and enjoy it or I struggle to get into and end up hating the book (ahem… Swing Time. My sister the serial killer was the latter. My sister the serial killer is anContinue reading “Nollywood Noir: I finished My Sister The Serial Killer in a day”

A little something

I changed the site title to “in disguise” as in Blessing in disguise. I edited the site layout to make it simpler and have my art on the homepage. I’m liking it so far. I am going to use the blog as a repository of ideas, muses and inspiration. I want to create more, throwContinue reading “A little something”

BOLD exhibition

I will be part of the BOLD exhibition. Curated by Dark Yellow Dot in partnership with Theatre Deli, BOLD is a portrait exhibition celebrating black excellence in arts in the UK. The exhibition will run during Black History Month from 7th – 30th of October and the opening reception includes live performances by artists fromContinue reading “BOLD exhibition”

My love hate response to Toni Morrison’s Love

One book each month. I wanted to read more books this year, so I set a flexible aim for myself. I started with a book from one of my favourite authors. Love by Toni Morrison. Love is difficult, you are forced to read between the lines of Morrison’s poetic prose… and then read between thoseContinue reading “My love hate response to Toni Morrison’s Love”

How I aim to have a more restful year

Last year was quite definitive for me: my first gallery exhibition, got my speciality job, built up my closest relationships, and continued to journal through it. So as the year wrapped up there was a lot of clarity as to what I wanted 2019 to be.  I want it to be a restful year, andContinue reading “How I aim to have a more restful year”