Loch insh/ Speyside/ Cairngorm

I am coming to the end of my time in the Scottish highlands, went for a drive and took some pics of the lovely lochs around. Ironically I didn’t go to loch ness I know right only I would do that ….but this quote makes me feel a little better: a traveller sees she seesContinue reading “Loch insh/ Speyside/ Cairngorm”

Prehospital care

The HUGE number of conflicts around the world means prehospital care  is incredibly important. I like to think of pre hospital care as C. A. C. B. C. D. E: Catastrophic haemorrhage Airway Cervical spine control Breathing Circulation Disability Environment So ABC, doing simple things very well. check airways, breathing and circulation. catastrophic haemorrhage now takes priorityContinue reading “Prehospital care”

Sketching again

So I’ve began drawing and sketching again. Currently on placement and the monotony is definitely getting to me but in a positive way. It is very challenging but in all that I feel as though only one part of me is being constantly stimulated (the analytical problem solver) the other facets of who I am we’reContinue reading “Sketching again”