A little something

I changed the site title to “in disguise” as in Blessing in disguise. I edited the site layout to make it simpler and have my art on the homepage. I’m liking it so far. I am going to use the blog as a repository of ideas, muses and inspiration. I want to create more, throwContinue reading “A little something”

How I aim to have a more restful year

Last year was quite definitive for me: my first gallery exhibition, got my speciality job, built up my closest relationships, and continued to journal through it. So as the year wrapped up there was a lot of clarity as to what I wanted 2019 to be.  I want it to be a restful year, andContinue reading “How I aim to have a more restful year”

Insel Mainau

The island that love built. The island of Insel Manau is just as beautiful as the story behind how this very small island on the Bodensee (lake Constance) became a glorious garden that at times makes you feel like you’ve stepped into Atlantis. Ok brace yourself for possible the most beautiful post on this blogContinue reading “Insel Mainau”

Sketching again

So I’ve began drawing and sketching again. Currently on placement and the monotony is definitely getting to me but in a positive way. It is very challenging but in all that I feel as though only one part of me is being constantly stimulated (the analytical problem solver) the other facets of who I am we’reContinue reading “Sketching again”